Follow the promise of a brand new day!

Sometimes the live music experience washes over, around and through me in such a way that I walk away feeling changed. Tonight’s show at the Fredericton Playhouse as part of the Harvest Music Festival was just that and I am so grateful. RUTHIE FOSTER is a force! She radiates the feminine and emits a fierce strength. The power of her voice, her exceptional guitar skills and her grace wove through her performance and left no doubt that we were witness to something extraordinary.     

Ruthie performed as a trio and was accompanied by Larry on bass and ‘Sweet Meat‘ on drums. The sweet meat nickname had them all in stitches whenever she made reference to it – seems it was a pretty recent inside joke – and their laughter was infectious even if we didn’t quite get the full story or meaning.

The song selections resonated with me tonight as she covered songs by Lucinda Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Maya Angelou and Mavis Staples. Ruthie asked if Mavis had ever been here and when we said yes it appeared to elevate her opinion of Fredericton just a little bit. She said we just had to get the two of them back here together and soon. I sure hope the Harvest music director was listening (wink wink).

Ruthie took us to church tonight. It’s the kind of church I want to attend. Laughter and lightness were ever present. The crowd vocalized their agreement and were on their feet more than once as the music moved them. The sermon was about resilience, celebration and most of all love in all its forms. The encore song was Brand New Day and after Ruthie finished she said ‘Now go spread that around! Spread it around!’  I will bring this sentiment forward through this week of Harvest and I’ll do my best to do as she asks. Some of the lyrics from the song and the video for your enjoyment…. 

It might sound untrue
But this song’s for you
Let come what may
Follow the promise of a brand new day

Cause love heals
Love lives
Time will
Rebuild a brand new day

I really felt inspired to attempt to capture my feelings around this show. Thanks for reading!

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