Will You Hullabaloo?

larleeI’m still vibrating from all the great music I enjoyed last weekend but already I’ve got my sights set on another live music event. This weekend (August 16-18) I’m hitting the road to experience my first Hullabaloo in Perth-Andover. This is the 6th year for the Larlee Creek Hullabaloo festival and it boosts An eclectic mix of the finest in East Coast musicans!” I’ve heard so many good things about the collaboration of the musicians and the super friendly setting. A good friend of mine, who follows the music scene pretty close, has said “They program top-notch East Coast talent and have a knack for picking  East Coast Music Award winning acts a year or two before they’re nominated” I’m happy I fit this into my summer plans this year. Have you been there before? Are you going this year? The line up is impressive. See for yourself!

Friday provides us a rare opportunity to catch Fredericton’s own Sleepy Driver

Larlee Friday

Saturday is full of great talent including The Backyard Devils who are just back from France and will no doubt still be flying high from their success. And its been way too long since I got me a fix of Matt Andersen’s monster playing.

Larlee Saturday

And yet another super talented band hailing from Fredericton, Olympic Symphonium will ease us into Sunday with their “bittersweet melodies, soaring harmonies, and an awful lot of passion

Larlee Sunday

Be sure to look me up if you make it to Perth too. It will surely be a great time!

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