FredRock in the rain & Poltz untamed!

I had a fantastic night of music!

I am happy I didn’t let the rain stop me from getting over to FredRock to experience first hand some great bands who are new to me. Despite the rain Wildlife played an energetic set and were hitting the road immediately to make it to Kingston, ON for tomorrow nights show. Safe travels! Hollerado was tight and having fun. I was really touched by the meaning behind their new song “So it goes”. Check out the video to get the story and see how forgiveness and compassion has such lasting effects.

Classified killed it and had the crowd screaming for more. The Tea Party gave all they had to give regardless of it being “the wettest gig on the history of our band”. Tomorrow is promising better weather and there is lots more music to be had! I’d like to mention the sound quality was top notch – kudos to the sound crew! And can I suggest you stop by Mama’s Pub booth on the grounds to get some good grub while you are on site.

yes, I was more than a little bit happy! Thanks Steve
Steve Poltz and me!
and yes, I was more than a little bit happy!

And in the middle of all the fun being had at the Loyalist Rugby Field, I made my way over to the Cedar Tree Café for the Steve Poltz show. I don’t remember the last time I have been so thoroughly entertained! I had seen Steve a few years back at StanFest and enjoyed his show but this was even better than I’d remembered. My cheeks hurt from laughing at the stories he told and he has the ability to write a song which is both hilarious and heartbreaking simultaneously.

I especially liked this song –

some of his lyrics: I want all my friends to know one thing, that one day when I’m long dead and gone, I want them to know that I love them and that’s why I wrote them this song. Because I want all my friends to be happy. I want all my friends to find love. I want all my friends to share good things and to be blessed by the light from above.

Its hard to know how to best describe him or his style but this comes close (taken from the web) “His performances are maniacal, frenzied and kinetic affairs tempered with melodic tunes and powerful guitar work. And stories! He’s been known to perform entire sets without a singing, a master of perfectly seamless segues.” Get more information about Steve at

He co-wrote Jewel‘s big hit “I was meant for you” and of course has a great story to tell about the circumstances under which they wrote that song. He has a song “Everything about you” on the soundtrack for the movie Notting Hill. Neil Young loves his 45 second songs! He is amazing at improvisation and delighted us with a song inspired by one of the paintings on the wall and another time went all techno with an improv song using his looper and distortion mic. And don’t even get me started on Sewing Machine! Just be sure you request it when you see him. He performed a beautiful version of Moonriver and dedicated it to his mother. He closed out the show with Bob Dylan’s Forever Young with the crowd enthusiastically singing along and I wanted to cry because my heart was so full! He loves what he does and we are fortunate to be able to share in it even a little bit.

He closed with Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’
photo by Jennifer Sypher

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