“Thank YOU Emma!!! Had the time of my life. You are a blessing to the music community. Keep er goin!”
Garrett Mason

“The show I did at Corked with Music Runs Through It ranks among my favourite performances. Not only was it an opportunity to showcase a different side of my music, but the crowd and the atmosphere was just perfect: everyone was focused on the songs and the vibe. Emma does it right!” – Peter Hicks (Sleepy Driver)

I am always astounded by the caliber of talent at the Music Runs Through It series at Corked Wine Bar for such an incredible price. The performers are top notch. The venue is quaint and inviting and promotes new friendships. I love being able to talk to the performers and get to know them and their stories. By the end of the evening it feels more like a family kitchen party. It is a fantastic way to get out through the week for friendship and live music.” – Leann

“I thoroughly enjoyed my show with Music Runs Through It. Emma produces a professional show with emphasis on the music. As it should be. I had a blast playing the room she sourced out and was thrilled it was a sold out show. I would be happy to work with her again in a heartbeat.” – Ross Neilsen

The evening at Corked spent listening to Peter Hicks, and his condensed Sleepy Driver, exceeded my expectations and left me feeling I had witnessed something very special.” – Pat

I was at Corked Wine Bar the other night for the first time. I went there with a friend who asked me to come watch Peter Hicks. It was FANTASTIC. The music was wonderful. His voice, the other musicians, the sound was great for that venue. I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere too. I like that you are making an effort for these venues liked corked wine bar to bring in TALENTED. VERY TALENTED musicians. THANK YOU!! I had an amazing time. I will be sure to share any information you want shared. I look forward to another event soon!” – Carlene

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the musical performances I’ve attended at Corked Wine Bar. Brilliant musicianship, great songs and the sound quality is excellent. Along with the atmosphere and attentive audience it makes for a great night out in downtown Fredericton.” – RossCo

“… from the beginning the Music Runs Through It (MRTI) series has been fabulous! Emma greets you at the door, Charlotte at the bar – both with big warm smiles. The music has been diverse with great sound which makes a huge difference… all at a budget friendly ticket price. I would sum it up by saying a very “Cheers” atmosphere with wine, music & soul! It’s often on a work night and I don’t want to leave! Thanks Emma for creating the MRTI series at Corked as it might be quaint however is large in what it offers overall.” – Sherry

“One of my favorite things about seeing live music is the up close and personal experience you get when an artist shares their story about how an event or a situation inspired them to write a song, you get to learn a little bit about their journey and really appreciate their talent. The Music Runs Through It music series is the perfect opportunity to experience all of this. Emma’s love of music shines through in how she continues to do a fantastic job presenting talented and diverse artists, showcasing them in an intimate and warm venue and always leaves us looking forward to the next event.” – Jenn