2022 Fredericton Arts Achievement Awards

Some special news to share! I’m deeply honoured and humbled to have been awarded the 2022 Fredericton Arts Achievement Award alongside Deborah Burns. As recipients we were presented with a bronze pin created by Joël Belliveau who said: “I was inspired by the idea of community. I imagine community as a hive of inspiration and knowledge and wanted to represent our community as a honeycomb – as interlocking units that touch and support each other.” I love this imagery and will continue to strive to contribute and support the phenomenal arts community we can be so proud of here in Fredericton.

This recognition has provided an opportunity to reflect on my journey and I am so very grateful for all the people who have invited, encouraged, and involved me in the community that means so very much to me.

I was drawn into the music industry in 2003 while working alongside friends who had formed a band (Jimmie Deliverance & Mountain Chicken), and then knew I was ‘all in’ once I went to work with the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in 2004. Music Runs Through It was established in 2012 as the business name to encompass the promotion & presenting of live shows as well as the website to host a running calendar and weekly listing of all live music events taking place in Fredericton. It has always been my hope that it is a resource to be accessed often to help both the performers and patrons find each other and to participate in the experience of a live show.

My involvement in the music scene has provided amazing opportunities: becoming a regular contributor to the Fredericton Tourism Blog, t

aking on the role as Live Music Columnist with CBC Information Morning Fredericton, partnering with fantastic venues to present live music (Fredericton Playhouse, The Tipsy Muse Cafe, Dolan’s Pub, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, The CAP & so many more!), working with a colleague from the UK (Neil Pearson) to roll out the Across the Pond Tour, co-chairing (alongside Eva George) the 2022 ECMAs live in Fredericton! Just to name a few things 🙂

My heart has burst with pride many times over as I’ve observed the incredible feats achieved by our music community and I’m always proud to boast to the world about our exceptional talent pool and music loving patrons!

In accepting this award, I commit to continually look for ways to add value to our arts community and to stay true to the passion that directs me – the shared experience that connects us.

I will hold the image of the honeycomb close and be forever grateful to be part of this hive ♥

#TeamWork #BetterTogether

The Arts Achievement Award program is an action item from the City’s 2014 Cultural Plan, and was created in 2017 to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of individuals and groups and the importance of the arts in the community at an annual awards ceremony.

“It’s important to recognize well deserving members of our local arts and culture sector,” said Wayne Burley. “All nominees generously contribute to the vibrant arts and cultural landscape in the city. “