Introducing The MRTI Agency: Our evolution story.

Music Runs Through It (MRTI) was established in 2012 to provide an easy way to let people know when and where the various live music events are taking place in the Capital city as well as providing a banner under which to promote and present shows. The past 11+ years have provided opportunities to partner with local businesses and to build an amazing community of music lovers.

As the music industry (locally and provincially) continues to thrive and grow, so must Music Runs Through It (MRTI). In my work with Krista Touesnard and Rob Pinnock at the Tipsy Muse Cafe (Cold Snap Music Series, ECMA Local Committee, co-presenting shows & more) we discovered a shared passion for the live music experience and our ability to do even more to support the community at large. As a result, we have decided to join forces and evolve the company and launch The MRTI Agency!

Along with the continued weekly listings of live music events to keep people informed, the Agency will provide management services to artists, the promotion and production of events, and consultation to businesses wanting to book live music for their events.

The strengths we each bring to the table make this an exciting venture as we move forward to make a greater impact in the city and beyond. Together, we will continue to let the music run through us and provide our support to a community we are so grateful to be a part of.