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Just as the mighty Saint John River runs through ​the beautiful capital city of New Brunswick, so runs some mighty fine music in many locations and genres. I am often asked what’s happening for music around town so, with that in mind, I decided to start this site to share the musical happenings of Fredericton.

Please check back often to see the updated calendar of events for your consideration and, hopefully, participation. Musicians put much effort and passion into preparing and sharing their craft but without an audience with which to share it things just aren’t as fulfilling or fun. In my opinion there is a wonderful (sometimes magical!) exchange of energy between performer and observer which really cannot be duplicated. For that reason, and to support our local economy, I encourage you to get out to a show and experience live music up close and personal! Come out and let the music run through you! 


Emma Chevarie presents a range of developing and established quality artists – mainly folk, roots & songwriter – in a variety of venues throughout New Brunswick, primarily in Fredericton. She works to promote local musicians, assists travelling musicians set up gigs and looks  for opportunity to entice musicians to include a show in her town – all to allow for more and more people to be exposed to more and more live music! She encourages everyone to get out and experience music LIVE!

Emma is the Live Music Columnist for CBC Information Morning Fredericton and a contributing blogger for Fredericton Tourism as the cities unofficial ‘nightlife correspondent‘.
Check out her CBC segments here and her Fredericton Tourism posts here.
Also a regular contributor on CHSR-FM 97.9 The Lunchbox – segments can be found here.

Contact via email at MusicInFreddy (at) gmail (dot) com


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  1. As a player and a band member, I’m surprised by how many players and bands there are in and around the city. Mind, Fredericton has always been a hub for talent. Hopefully this site will continue to grow and attract the sort of audience that will feed it with info and ensure it thrives. Thank you for doing your part in this.

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