Harvest Music Festival – Free Stages Guide

HAPPY HARVEST to one & all! The tents are up in downtown Fredericton and the volunteers are already hard at work preparing for our beloved music festival to come to life over the next week. The streets will be alive with the sights, sounds and energy that make this event stand out on an international level. It really is something special and curated in a way to ensure everyone can enjoy it!

As we head into the week, which will overflow with live music, I wanted to draw attention to the many free shows being offered along side the ticketed ones. I’ve copied all this information from the Harvest website – harvestmusicfest.ca – and you should absolutely check it out for full details. This post is offered simply to help point out what’s planned and where specifically focused on the official programmed free shows .

The entire CBC Free Harvest program can be found on the Harvest website – harvestmusicfest.ca/cbc-free-harvest-2022 – go there to see who is playing where then use the handy dandy map & chart to get to the right place to see who you want to see…..  
*CBC Free Harvest 


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