Harvest … its a little bit of everything

Its hard to know where to start – how do I capture in words all that happened this past week in my city where the live music experience was at the center of everything? What makes it special? Why do I think its the best week of the year? I’d like to steal a line from a new favourite band I discovered yesterday, Dawes – its a little bit of everything –
it is the joy on peoples faces as they sway to the music,
the warm greetings as friends meet & hugs are exchanged as we meet along our travels,
the conversations over Harvest highlights past & present,
it is the enthusiastic fans singing every word along with their favourite bands,
the bonding with strangers over shared love for an artist,
the packed streets full of people from all walks of life (all shapes, sizes & ages),
the delicious smells from food vendors along those packed streets,
the countless volunteers offering their services and smiles,
the dancing that breaks out everywhere & anywhere,
the sound of live music woven into all the spaces and flowing from the tents bars & restaurants.
You get the idea – there are at least a thousand reasons this week is extraordinary and I’d love to know yours. Please leave comments and share your thoughts.

For 28 years now Frederictonians, along with thousands of visitors, have come together to celebrate live music in our downtown through the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. Founded by a small group of people who may not have understood at that time how vital this event would be for our city. Prepared by a core group of volunteers working year round to put all the pieces together for us to enjoy. Delivered by 1200+ volunteers putting in their blood, sweat & tears over the 6 days to make the festival a reality. I salute them all! THANK YOU!

My Harvest 2018 experience was an excellent one and once I get some rest I will share a bit more. For now I’ll leave you with a few pictures to provide a glimpse into my week. Thanks for reading & sweet dreams

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