Fredericton’s Weekly Live Music Lineup (Oct 23-29)


MONDAY October 23:
8:00pm –  Inland Island/ Indigo Poirier/ Van London, Read’s Cafe
9:00pm – Pre Pop: The Courtneys / Versing, The Capital

TUESDAY October 24:
7:00pm – Live in the Lobby Series ft. Mitch Rayner, CHSR FM lobby
7:30pm – Coffee House, Read’s Cafe
9:00pm – Open Mic Night w/Richie Gloade, Wilser’s Room

WEDNESDAY October 25:
12 noon – Emily Kennedy, Nadia Francavilla & Andrew Miller, UNB Centre for Musical Arts
7:00pm – JY’s Music Circle, Fredericton City Club
7:30pm – Ô-Celli, The Playhouse
7:30pm – Dolan’s Jam w/the Late Night Orchestra, Dolan’s Pub
7:30pm – Roxanne de Bastion/ Liam Keith Jaques, Grimross Taproom
10:00pm – Dub Antenna, Wilser’s Room

THURSDAY October 26:
7:00pm – Rory Taillon, The Abbey Cafe
7:30pm – Bill & Joel Plaskett, The Playhouse
10:00pm – Scientists of Sound / Math Class / Cool Trainer Cody, The Capital
10:00pm – The Fourth Well, Dolan’s Pub

FRIDAY October 27:
7:30pm – Lunch at Allen’s, The Playhouse
8:00pm – Ian Sherwood, Lansdowne Concert Series
8:00pm – Wicked Vices/ Kendra Gale band, Grimross Taproom
9:00pm – Adyn Townes, Tilleul Boutique
10:00pm – The Fourth Well, Dolan’s Pub

SATURDAY October 28:
2:00pm – Freddy Beach Boys, Shannex Parkland
7:00pm – Calum Jackson, Ringo’s Bar and Grill
7:00pm – The Tortoise, the Hare & the Millionaire / Extraordinary Measures, Maybee Brewery
7:30pm – Previous Floyd Memory: The Canadian Pink Floyd Show, The Playhouse
8:00pm – Ian Sherwood, Lansdowne Concert Series
8:00pm – Halloween Spooktacular, Grimross Taproom
9:00pm – Pretty in Pink’s Nightmare on George St, The Market
9:00pm – The Backseat, Mama’s Pub
9:00pm – The Thunderbirds, Fredericton Legion
9:30pm – Adam Moore, Vault 29
10:00pm – Maggie’s Farm Revival, Wilser’s Room
10:00pm – The Fourth Well, Dolan’s Pub
10:00pm – The Waking Night / Dizzy & the Kittens / Jerry-Faye, The Capital

SUNDAY October 29:


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