New Brunswick Nature Sessions

The New Brunswick Nature Trust has come up with a great idea – to combine the great outdoors with some great music! The footage is wonderful and gives us an opportunity to see and appreciate some beautiful natural locations that might be closer than we are aware of. Below you will see a few of the videos but there are even more available at – do a search for NEW BRUNSWICK NATURE SESSIONS and enjoy the beauty of sights and sound!!

The Park Street Elementary School Choir along with Mike Trask and Owen Steel perform in Canada’s first amphibian preserve, Hyla Park Nature Preserve, located on the north side of Fredericton
Now I have learned something – how about you?
Oh No, Theodore! filmed at Clark’s Point Nature Preserve, found about 14km from St. Stephen
Bug bites be gone! These guys sound great!
Les Hay Babies play a new tune in Pickerel Pond Nature Preserve
Beautiful harmonies and water running through it all!

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