Thunderin’ Thursdays!

There is something about a thursday … the energy of the weekend is oh so close at hand and you want to stay up just a little bit later. It is turning into one of my favourite nights of the week for live music!
Snooty Fox has a music series happening every Thursday, Mama’s Pub hosts live entertainment every Thursday night and all the usual suspects like Dolan’s Pub and The Capital Complex make sure you have lots of options if you want to get up off the couch!
Glad I had the chance to get over to Snooty Fox last Thursday night to catch Miss Quincy and the Showdown. What energy and attitude! Vocals were great and the rythm section was tight. Besides their great sound I was impressed with their merchandise selection – who else sells onsies and preserves?
Miss Quincy @ Snooty Fox (thanks for the picture Suzie)
Last night (again on a Thursday!) I made my way across the mighty Saint John River to Mama’s Pub where I was treated to the great harmonies and full sound of Graydon James & the Young Novelists. I recommend you get out to experience them for yourself as they roll through from Toronto again in August.

Graydon James & the Young Novelists @ Mama’s Pub
So where will I find you next Thursday night? I hear Country Fest might have something good to offer!

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